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Special: FX’s Feud & What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962)

April 17, 2017

In this episode we’re going to discuss Robert Aldrich’s 1962 gothic horror film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, and Ryan Murphy’s new FX series Feud: Bette and Joan.

This podcast is non-profit and has been broadcast for educational purposes. Excerpts from the following material has been included to enhance the listener experience:

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane (1962) dir. Robert Aldrich, USA
Strait-Jacket (1964) dir. William Castle, USA
The Nanny (1965) dir. Seth Holt, ENG

“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane” (1962) w: Frank DeVol, p: Debbie Burton & Bette Davis
“Autumn Leaves” (1956) w: Jacques Prevert, p: Nat King Cole
“Feud” [Score] (2017) w: Mac Quayle

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