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Episode 33 – Adrian Lyne’s Fatal Attraction (1987)

Reaganism, a fear of AIDS and the backlash against feminism heightened our reactions to what became “the zeitgeist movie of the decade”. Take a trip back with us to talk about Adrian Lyne’s 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction.

Was Alex a “she-wacko”? Is Dan “a basically decent guy”? We discuss this and more, including women in the workplace, shooting your own unborn child, and the top erotic thrillers that came in the film’s wake.

This podcast is non-profit and has been broadcast for educational purposes. Excerpts from the following material has been included to enhance the listener experience:

Fatal Attraction (1987) dir. Adrian Lyne, USA
Sleepless in Seattle (1993) dir. Nora Ephron, USA

Saturday Night Live skit “Fatal Attraction” (February 25th 1989)

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