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Episode 22 – Jonathan Glazer’s Sexy Beast (2000)

Actress Julianne White, “Jackie” in Sexy Beast (2000)
Writer Brian Eggert, Deep Focus Review

This month we’re trying our best to relax poolside and enjoy the scorching summer sun while we discuss Jonathan Glazer’s directorial debut, the 2000 British crime film Sexy Beast.

This podcast is non-profit and has been broadcast for educational purposes. Excerpts from the following material has been included to enhance the listener experience:

Sexy Beast (2000) dir. Jonathan Glazer, UK

“Score” [OST] (2000), w & p: UNKLE / South


We’ve got two very special guests this month!

First up is our very own Aussie-born actress Julianne White, who played the pivotal role of Jackie in Glazer’s first film. Julianne was kind enough to give us a bunch of her time to discuss Sexy Beast, and we’ve got stories about the audition process, filming, and her co-stars. Jackie even gives a very special tribute to the late Cavan Kendall, who played her husband Aitch in the film.

You can find Julianne on IMDB and IMDB Pro, or check out her official website to read more about her accomplished career which now spans more than three decades in film and television. Want more? You can always connect with Julianne on Twitter!

Our second special guest is film critic and essayist Brian Eggert, a film fanatic who began the website Deep Focus Review in 2007. Brian writes in-depth, studied and considered pieces on plenty of movies, and it was his incisive writing about Sexy Beast that persuaded us to reach out to him. Read his article on the film, and then connect with Brian on Twitter and Letterboxd and, if you love his work, donate on Patreon for exclusive work.

One thing that this film is renowned for is its dialogue. Sharp, witty, smart and direct, Scinto and Mellis’ script earned a British Independent Film Award for Best Screenplay. Writing instructor AJ Ferguson has taken a close look at one of the pivotal scenes in the film in his essay Sexy Beast – A Masters Course in Dialogue”.

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Thanks again for checking out Celluloid Junkies. We’ll see you in the new year as we try to avert disaster when we sit down and discuss James Bridges’ 1979 film The China Syndrome. Until then, don’t forget to check out the archives, or hit up our website.

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