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Episode 21 – Bob Clark’s Black Christmas (1974)

Actress Lynne Griffin, “Clare” in Black Christmas (1974)
Writer Paul Corupe, Rue Morgue Magazine

Welcome to the first episode of season three of Celluloid Junkies!

This month we’re celebrating Halloween late but welcoming the festive season early with a profile of Bob Clark’s 1974 horror-thriller Black Christmas.

This podcast is non-profit and has been broadcast for educational purposes. Excerpts from the following material has been included to enhance the listener experience:

Black Christmas (1974) dir. Bob Clark, Canada
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) dir. Danny Cannon, USA

“Score” [OST] (1974), w & p: Carl Zittrer


We’ve got two very special guests this month!

First up is Lynne Griffin, the first time we’ve interviewed an actor or actress from the movie we’re profiling. Lynne portrayed “professional virgin” Clare Harrison in Black Christmas. She was Billy’s first on-screen victim, and thanks to her swimming background was able to hold her breath for an impossibly long time in one of the film’s iconic lingering shots. Hear this and more stories in the funniest chat we’ve ever done!

You can find Lynne on IMDB and IMDB Pro, or check out her Wikipedia page to read more about her accomplished career which now spans more than four decades in film, TV and theatre.

Our second special guest is writer Paul Corupe, a contributor to horror favourite Rue Morgue magazine and the author of film-related articles in such books as “Recovering 1940s Horror Cinema: Traces of a Lost Decade”, “The Canadian Horror Film: Terror of the Soul” and “Yuletide Terror: Christmas Horror on Film and Television”.

Paul is also the managing editor of Spectacular Optical and the founder of Canuxploitation: Your Complete Guide to Canadian B-Film. In fact, you can even read the Canuxploitation review of Black Christmas!

If you want to do some further reading into gender in horror cinema, don’t look past Carol J. Clover’s seminal 1987 work, “Her Body, Himself: Gender in the Slasher Film”.

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Thanks again for checking out Celluloid Junkies. We’ll see you next month when we try to relax poolside and discuss Jonathan Glazer’s 2000 British crime thriller Sexy Beast. F*@K. Until then, don’t forget to check out the archives, or hit up our website.

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