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Show Notes: Episode 11 – Dario Argento’s Suspiria (1977)

Our special guest this month is Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, a prolific Australian film critic and writer of many articles and books on horror film theory. She is the author of “Devil’s Advocates: Suspiria” first published in 2015.

Alexandra is also the editor of and a writer for Senses of Cinema, one of the best film websites around. Check out her work, which includes a lot of writing on horror cinema and Australian cinema.

Alexandra wrote a piece of Suspiria, Argento and cinematographer Luciano Tovoli for Senses of Cinema.

You can also check out Alexandra’s personal website for a more comprehensive overview of her work, including other books that she has written.

Suspiria is currently doing the rounds in cinemas, being projected in both 4K as well as from a new 35mm film print that has been discovered. Check it out while you can!

Dario Argento is a student of cinema as much as he is a master. The British Film Institute took a look at five films that inspired Argento along the way to create his masterpiece.

Den of Geek took a look back at Suspiria recently, calling it a one-off in their article “Looking back at Dario Argento’s Suspiria”.

Film School Rejects also took a look back, focusing on the composition of shots used in the film to create an element of displacement and suspense.

Slash Film have called Suspiria the craziest, most colourful bad dream you’ll ever watch.

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Thanks again for checking out Celluloid Junkies. We’ll see you next month with a close-up, in depth look at George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road”, the second film we’ve looked at from an Australian director.

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