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Show Notes: Episode 2 – Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now (1973)


The British are obviously very reverent about this movie, and as such there’s a huge amount of great retrospective content available on the web. Here’s some of the best:

Likewise, here’s some of the more in-depth reviews and analysis of the film, from all over the web and all over the world:

Venetian locations play such a huge part in Don’t Look Now that multiple studies have been done of the exact locations for the shoot, and their history. Here’s two of them:

The British Board of Film Classification began engaging very openly with the public following a revision of their guidelines for film classification in 2000. They produced a series of Case Studies on some of the most important films they’ve dealt with in their history, going over the reasons for their classifications, and here’s their case study on Don’t Look Now.

Here’s a PDF version of Pauline Kael’s excellent review of Don’t Look Now.
https://www.celluloidjunkies.com/podfiles/dln-kael.pdf [PDF, 2.8MB]

If you want to follow us on Letterboxd as well, we’re always logging and rating films we’ve been watching and occasionally Luke will do some pretty in-depth reviews, too.
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Luke also wrote an in-depth review of the film in July 2015 on his Letterbox account.

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