Month: June 2017

SPECIAL GUESTS: Author Lesley Brill, “John Huston’s Filmmaking”, and Jason Taylor, The Bogie Film Blog

This month we are waiting out the storm with Bogart, Bacall and Robinson as we look back at John Huston’s 1948 home invasion thriller Key Largo.

This podcast is non-profit and has been broadcast for educational purposes. Excerpts from the following material has been included to enhance the listener experience:

Key Largo (1948) dir. John Huston, USA
The African Queen (1951) dir. John Huston, USA

“Main Title” [Score] (1948) w: Max Steiner
“War” (1969) w: Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong, p: The Temptations
“Moaning’ Low” (1975) w: Ralph Rainger, p: Barbra Streisand

Our first special guest this month is Lesley Brill, author of “John Huston’s Filmmaking” first published in 1997. Lesley is a Professor of English and Film Studies at Wayne State University.

Our second special guest this month is Jason Taylor, who created and writes The Bogie Film Blog. It’s an invaluable source of information on Humphrey Bogart, so check it out.

[To Be Continued]

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